About Us


Pixels and Peach is a creative brand founded during the pandemic lockdown of 2020. Using our own hand drawn designs and precision lasers, we hope to create meaningful gifts and decor that will make your life a little peachier. 

Meet the Family

Nikki is the designer of all the products for Pixels and Peach and the owner of the company. She enjoys traveling the world with her husband as well as working from home with her two sons. She loves jerky but especially Golden Island’s Korean BBQ flavor. She’s a pineapple on pizza kinda gal and prefers left-over pizza cold on the 2nd day. 

Derek is the supportive husband and an amazing Vestibular Physical Therapist for St. Luke’s. He loves all things tennis and plays every Friday. Brownies and Ice Cream are his go-to dessert and a regular staple in our home. 

Office Assistant #1

Working from home has both its benefits and challenges and this little cutie is both. Office Assistant #1 is consulted on a daily basis for visual approval. Work ethic has yet to be determined, but he enjoys fruit snacks and granola bars as payment. His big eyes, luxurious lashes and full eyebrows are the envy of every woman. His hobbies include Hot Wheels cars, bike rides, climbing up slides, and park swings. 

Office Assistant #2

Recently joined the crew October of 2020 and uplifts our team with his toothless smile and baby giggles. He's content in our work atmosphere simply by being held and drinking his bottle.